Growing the Money Tree for Kids

By Alpesh Parmar with Keya Parmar and Tvisha Parmar

“Dive into the world of financial literacy with ‘Growing the Money Tree for Kids’, a captivating journey through the basics of money and investing, tailored for young minds aged 8-12. Co-authored by investment expert Alpesh Parmar and his curious and creative daughters, Keya and Tvisha, this book breaks down complex financial concepts into fun, digestible stories and activities.”

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Praise and Testimonials:

Meet the Characters


Kiara is a bright and curious young girl who loves to solve puzzles and explore new ideas. Always eager to learn, she approaches the world of finance with enthusiasm and a keen sense of curiosity, making her an ideal guide for young readers navigating the complexities of money and investing.


Tessa, Kiara’s best friend, is adventurous and fearless. She brings creativity and energy to every endeavor, especially when it comes to understanding money. Her innovative thinking helps make financial concepts accessible and fun for kids.

Mr. Price

Mr. Price is the dedicated and inspiring teacher who introduces Kiara and Tessa to the world of investing. His classroom is a hub of discovery, where complex ideas become exciting challenges. Mr. Price’s passion for teaching and his innovative methods make learning about money a joyous and impactful experience.


Aaron, Kiara’s father, is a wise and patient mentor. With a background in finance, he serves as a guiding light not only for Kiara and Tessa but also for the readers. His practical advice and real-world examples illuminate the path to financial wisdom.

Sample Chapter or Excerpt

Author Bios

Alpesh Parmar is a man of many talents: a savvy entrepreneur, a keen investor, a passionate author, and an inspiring podcast host. His investment adventures span from rental properties across the US to diverse ventures like startups and even farms. Not just about business, Alpesh is also a wholefood enthusiast, a vegan chef in his own right, and a fitness buff who loves challenging his limits in races and triathlons. He shares his wealth of knowledge on his popular podcast, Wealth Matters, and has co-authored a best-selling book on resilience. On this website, Alpesh brings his world of financial wisdom to the younger generation, hoping to ignite a spark of savvy investing in every child.

Keya Parmar is a vibrant thirteen-year-old with a love for tales of adventure and mystery. Her days are filled with the thrill of badminton matches, the excitement of skiing down slopes, and the joy of creating art. She finds her inspiration in the magical worlds of Rick Riordan’s tales and the suspenseful twists of Karen M. McManus’s stories.

Tvisha Parmar, at ten, is a whirlwind of creativity, crafting her own comic book adventures. She’s a dancer at heart, a badminton enthusiast, and a curious coin collector. She gets lost in the hilarious escapades of Jeff Kinney’s characters and the relatable journeys in Terri Libenson’s books.

Their youthful energy and creative spirits bring a unique and fresh perspective to “Growing the Money Tree,” making it a book not just for kids but by kids too.