During the COVID-19 shutdown, my family, like many others, found ourselves confined to our home, navigating the new normal. Amidst this, my children’s growing curiosity about money sparked not just daily discussions but a deeper exploration into financial education. We turned to board games like Monopoly and Cashflow Quadrant, which opened up more than just fun times; they laid the foundational lessons in economics and finance.

Seeing their enthusiasm, we started documenting our conversations and lessons about managing and growing money. This informal project evolved as we realized the potential of these lessons. It led to the compilation of over 50 pages of content, eventually recognizing the broader impact we could have by transforming it into a book aimed at helping children worldwide understand and manage finances.

As we delved deeper into the manuscript, I guided my daughters through more sophisticated investment topics such as stocks, real estate, and even cryptocurrencies. Their understanding and interest grew, and they began to apply these concepts practically. This journey through the realms of investing wasn’t just educational; it was a bonding experience that reinforced our lessons with real-world applications.

In 2022, leveraging what they had learned, my daughters embarked on their entrepreneurial journey by starting a jewelry-making business. They established an Etsy shop, which turned out to be quite successful through 2022 and 2023, teaching them firsthand about the intricacies of running a business—from budgeting and investment to marketing and customer service.

Building on their business success, in 2024, they took another significant step by investing in stocks through their Roth IRA accounts. This application of their learning was not just a proud moment but a practical demonstration of their growing financial acumen.

Realizing the gap in formal education about finance, which seldom addresses the practical aspects of money management and investing at a young age, we saw the importance of this book. “Growing the Money Tree” aims to fill this educational void, providing a guide that is both a learning tool and a practical introduction to personal finance for children.

The book is more than just a financial literacy manual; it’s a narrative that weaves through the realities of money, investments, and business, aimed at laying a foundation of financial understanding that can blossom into lifelong wisdom and success. Our hope is that it inspires, educates, and empowers other young minds to embark on their journeys toward financial savviness, equipping them with the tools to grow their money trees from an early age.